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Something to Read

» Octopuses are ocean thugs that punch fish
www.thetimes.co.uk · Despite its extraordinary intelligence, the life of an octopus is a solitary one. So perhaps it is no wonder that the mighty brained cephalopod engages in a little thuggery to relieve the boredom.
» The Plague Year
www.newyorker.com · The mistakes and the struggles behind America’s coronavirus tragedy.
» How Silicon Valley, in a Show of Monopolistic Force, Destroyed Parler
greenwald.substack.com · In the last three months, tech giants have censored political speech and journalism to manipulate U.S. politics, while liberals, with virtual unanimity, have cheered.
» I looked at all the ways Microsoft Teams tracks users and my head is spinning
www.zdnet.com · Microsoft Teams isn't just there to make employees' lives easier. It's also there to give bosses data about so many things.