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» The invisible addiction: is it time to give up caffeine?
www.theguardian.com · <strong>The long read</strong>: Caffeine makes us more energetic, efficient and faster. But we have become so dependent that we need it just to get to our baseline
» The Best-Preserved Pair of Skis from Prehistory
secretsoftheice.com · We have found the best-preserved paIr of skis from prehistory at the Digervarden ice patch in Norway. They are 1300 years old.
» What They Saw in Ozy
www.nytimes.com · The story behind the story is about the elite investors who plowed millions into a media dream without much due diligence, persuaded by the charm of Ozy’s head, Carlos Watson.
» The Truth, by Stanisław Lem
thereader.mitpress.mit.edu · Lem's 1964 story, published in English for the first time, tells the tale of a scientist in an insane asylum theorizing that the sun is alive.